Jonams is an innovative neckwear label based in Amsterdam.


Joeri has always been interested in fashion as a way of expression, as an essential part of someone's presentation. In late 2011 he was watching an artist perform wearing a simple piece of clothing around his neck folded in an odd way. The idea was born. A simple sketch, the made up word ‘Scarf-Tie?’ and the phrase ‘I have an idea, please don’t laugh’ was send to his brother. Matthijs, interested in design and conceptual innovation, got triggered right away.

After 3 years of learning to sketch, design and make 3d molds we couldn’t be more proud to present you our work.

The Joon by Jonams is here. We are leaving our signature and invite you to leave yours.


‘Along with the talent to distinguish yourself
and the will to overcome any barriers,
use your motivation to create your own success.

Jonams admires those who won't let go of their own ideas, those who are determined to succeed and driven to leave their signature in their work and their life.


the Jonams brothers, Joeri & Matthijs Spruijt


Our brand name Jonams finds roots in the Farsi word 'Joonam' (my life - my spirit). Our name captures the principle that at the end it’s your life, that the choice is yours.

Use Joon after a name and you’re talking love, like Judith Joon ~ my dear Judith.
Amsterdam got it’s reference as well, hence the letters –AMS. Our city shows us the strength of an open mind, diversity and freedom of expression.